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Nitro 100 New Formulation is a fast burning, flattened spherical, double-base shotshell powder that is a clean burning, cost-effective choice for all 12 gauge target applications.

NOTE: The reformulated Nitro 100 has been optimized to improve flow and ignition characteristics. Always use the most current load data.

We are in the process of developing loads for Nitro100 – “New Formulation”.

For shotshell please use load guide version 2.1 or later.
For centerfire metallic cartridges please use load guide version 3.5 or later.

Bulk Density(grams/cc) +/-4.9% 0.510 VMD(cc/grams) 1.961
Bulk Density(grains/cc) +/-4.9% 7.870 VMD(cc/grains) 0.127