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In 2017, Western Powders partnered with Armscor International to provide a canister-grade propellant for their innovative .22 TCM cartridge. Producing 2,000 fps at the muzzle with virtually no recoil, this accurate and fun little cartridge brings handgun performance to a new level for small game hunting and plinking. Accurate TCM also has a place with old favorites, with data for hunting loads in .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum and high-pressure .45 Colt cartridges. Made in the USA.

Bulk Density(grams/cc) +/-3.1% 0.850 VMD(cc/grams) 1.176
Bulk Density(grains/cc) +/-3.5% 13.118 VMD(cc/grains) 0.076